fredag den 29. august 2008

Portable Search Engine Concept with GPS for Travelers

Det er ikke så længe siden at jeg fortalte om en tidlig gadget (fra 1920'erne - ( som var udformet som et armbåndsur og som sammen med en strimmel kort fungerede som datidens 'GPS' - nu er der kommet en opdateret version!

Not so long ago a wrote a post about a gadget (from the 1920s describing an armwrist like mechanics which together with a paper map on a tiny roll functioned as the 'GPS' of those days - now it has been updated!



Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it’s a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, restaurants, clubs etc. The device puts into use of the GPS system and the beauty of the product is that it can be personalized while also be strapped to the wrist. Also, it has touch screen based functions with other functions like a portable music player to keep you entertained. So if you are in a new town, no sweats just seek the guidance of Seek and you will see the whole city as if you knew it forever!


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