tirsdag den 26. august 2008

The invisible city: Design in the age of intelligent maps

Dette er en fantatisk artikel om hvad der ligger gemt derude af data og som bør/skal vises ...

This is a great article about all the hidden treasures of data that must be published and analyzed for all to see ...


The long-familiar, two-dimensional paper representations of our world are giving way to active, software-driven interfaces that display multiple layers of data in manifold ways. Instead of the fold-out street map, today we have online mapping applications like Google Maps, capable of giving us precise, turn-by-turn directions. Instead of asking for directions or navigating by landmarks, we use GPS navigation systems in our cars and on our phones. Nor are maps just representations handed down to us: Google mash-ups and geotagging democratize map-making, while handheld GPS devices make it possible for us to accurately make our own maps of the world. Welcome to the age of intelligent maps.


Read more: http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/thinktank/tt_varnelis.html

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