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A C# Wrapper for Google's Static Map API

Her er lidt til C# nørderne derude ...

Here's something for the C# nerds out there ...


Unless you've been living on Mars for the past 4 years, you'll probably know about Google Maps and the rich API the lovely folks at Google have exposed, allowing all sorts of clever interactive mapping experiences that developers all over the world have been bringing to the masses.

In February 2008, Google went low key; it removed the JavaScript and the fancy API interface from Google Maps, and introduced the Google Static Maps API, allowing users the ability to generate a map as a regular image. It can still have markers and polylines, but is displayed as a static image, such as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

This article aims to explain how to use C# to implement the static images API using a fairly straightforward wrapper. If you've ever used the Google Maps API, this will be easy.


Adding images using a parameterized URL is all good and well, but in the real world (well, my world at least), I really don't want to be messing around with querystrings. They are so 1995. If I have a large content managed Web site with 1000 geolocated points, I don't want to have to generate all that querystring information manually, it's way too prone to errors. I want databases, I want geocoded points, I want structure, in fact, what I need is a wrapper in C# that can handle the Static Maps API, then I can forget about querystrings, pipe-delimited parameters, and 1000 image URLs full of errors.


Read more: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/csharp-google-static-map.aspx

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