søndag den 17. august 2008

Public Danish Data REST Interface

Dette er spændende nyt. Flere skulle springe på vognen og få sat gang i udviklingen. Hvis jeg skal være ærlig havde jeg ikke (håbet) troet på at man ville være nået så langt herhjemme allerede.

This is exiting news. More organizations should get along a speed up things. To be honest I hadn't expected things to evolve this fast (in Denmark ...)


Christian Dalager and I did an internal Capgemini SmartLunch presentation about REST interfaces in the public Danish sector. REST interface is great news for those in favor of easy-to-integrate, scalable SOA interfaces, and REST services is actually used more than SOAP, XMLRPC, etc. in companies offering multiple interfaces to their data (Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Microsoft and more).

The Danish National IT and Telecom Agency has published some really useful data as a REST interface (although they haven’t committed themselves yet to make the service permanent). The published data is a complete dataset for Denmark which includes:
  • 2.2 million adresses including geolocation data in 2 formats
  • Roughly 106.000 roads
  • Postal districts
  • Municipalities
  • Regions (similar to states in the US)
  • Schools, election districts and more…

Read more: http://justaddwater.dk/2008/05/28/public-danish-data-rest-interface/

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