mandag den 18. august 2008

More details on Google Maps' Web Technology'

Hvordan gjorde de det? Hvilke beslutninger lå bag? Få svaret her.

How did they do it? Which decisions were made? Get the answers here.


It's been fascinating to watch the reaction of the geospatial community (and the non-geospatial community) to Google Maps.My sense is that because it's Google, there's more of a buzz, than say when Yahoo! Maps launched.That, I believe, has meant far more interest in the background technology and the general usability.It's also led to some interesting speculation about the technology behind the tool.Google Maps is a combination of proprietary commercial technology (like that from Telcontar, which I wrote about earlier this week) and commercial data (from NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas) and some good old-fashioned, clever programming.Below is a quick look at that "clever programming piece" from a non-programmer and some clarification on speculation regarding technology that I ran into this week.


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