søndag den 31. august 2008

TypeBrewer: A Map Design Help Tool for Selecting Typography

Nogen gange skal det ses før man kan se det for sig. En anden font og en anden størrelse ...

Seeing is believing. Sometimes you need the hit and miss approach.


TypeBrewer is a free help tool that gives non-specialist mapmakers a chance to explore typography in a semi-structured environment. It is not mapmaking software. Instead of providing the functionality of a graphic design program or GIS, TypeBrewer offers a quick and easy way to explore typographic alternatives and see the impact that various elements of type have on the overall look and feel of a map. TypeBrewer is designed for mapmakers who want to learn more about map typography and get practical design specifications for starting a map project.

TypeBrewer templates are based on sound typographic and cartographic principles, as well as best professional practices. They can be applied to a wide range of possible projects:
To use TypeBrewer, you'll need the Adobe Flash Player, version 8 or higher.


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