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Building a Better World in GeoWeb 2008, Part 1

Dette er den første af 2 artikler om GeoWeb udviklingen. Den afdækker meget af det som er sket indenfor den seneste tid og hvad begrebet egentlig kan og bør dække over.

This is the first of 2 articles about the GeoWeb. It covers much of what have happened in recent months and tries to explain what the GeoWeb is or should be.


Web-based GIS moves from descriptive to predictive modeling.
Jul 24, 2008

The geospatial community is hard at work building a new world. It's a world that's eerily familiar to us, because it's a digital replica of the one we live in.

Ron Lake, chairman and CEO of Galdos Systems, uses the term GeoWeb to express the ability to locally and globally integrate and share geospatial information via the Internet. In some ways, the GeoWeb is more manageable and a lot easier to navigate than the physical world. Linked to relational databases, user-created content, and search engines, the digital world lets you go beyond the facade of the superstructures and substructures around you. It gives you neighborhood crime statistics, property values, historical context, nearby bars and restaurants, and Wikipedia entries related to the features.


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