onsdag den 20. august 2008

Do you think GIS as we know it will “disappear” into the cloud?

Mere skysnak. Forresten så lykkedes det ikke for Dell at registrere Cloud Computing som et varemærke.

More Cloud talk. By the way Dell did not manage to get away with registering Cloud Computing as a trademark ...


GIS has been waiting for the cloud. GIS was born to exist in the cloud. It will reach its highest potential there.The Cloud is fertile ground for a GIS. A GIS is about much more than location alone. Its truest value and highest potential are exposed through the capability to perform spatial analysis, model and simulate. In a sense GIS is a 5-speed F1 racer that has been operating in second gear. The cloud has enormous potential to change that, shifting spatial gears and accelerating the wider use of GIS functionality. Buckle up - the ride is about to begin.


Read more: http://www.vector1media.com/dialogue/perspectives/do-you-think-gis-as-we-know-it-will-%93disappear%94-into-the-cloud?/

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