tirsdag den 19. august 2008

A Simple Online KML Polygon Creator - With Holes!

Sikkert et meget brugbart værktøj ...

Might come in handy some day ...


Kjell Scharning emailed to let me know of his simple Google Maps tool, a basic digitizer with a Google Maps interface for creating KML polyline and polygon files. While for most purposes, the Google Maps MyMaps creation tool is a better choice, Kjell’s tool does have some useful functions missing from the Google Maps editor:
  • Creating circular shapes
  • Creating polygons with holes in them (something you can’t do directly in Google Earth, either)
  • Get a list of vertex coordinates as created (select the “KML Coordinates option”). There’s also a separate KML “editor” that will take a link to a KML file, and give you a text list of the vertex coordinates. You can move the vertices around in the “editor”, but it doesn’t actually edit the KML, just modify the coordinates in the list.


Read more: http://freegeographytools.com/2008/a-simple-online-kml-polygon-creator-with-holes

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