tirsdag den 23. juni 2009

40+ Essential Front End Web Developer Cheat Sheets

Hvad hedder Cheat Sheet på dansk?

If you know how to cheat start now ...


Today more or less everyone can put a simple web page together but implementation of professional Web based Application Front Ends is not as simple as some people may think. It is a complex task requiring deep knowledge of several technologies like html, css, javascript, php, etc. In this article you will find essential cheat sheets for the most commen web based technologies that you are likely to use if you’re a Front End Web Developer. First you will find resources covering client side markup and development (html, xhtml, css, javascript, jQuery etc.) and then you will find resoures covering server side development that are to some extent required for Front End Development (php, asp.net, …). Please make sure that you post a comment if you know an important resource that have not been included in the article. I hope you will find this article useful, lets get started! [...]

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