torsdag den 18. juni 2009

Data Visualization with Bing Maps

Det siger Bing ...

Do I hear a Bing ...


By Johannes Kebeck

Presenting your data effectively is often a challenging task. The most comprehensive information is usually stored in tables – often in databases. However, the more detailed this information is the more difficult it becomes to get a quick overview. There are many ways how you can provide drill downs but then you loose the big picture. Data that relates to geographies can be well presented on a map and in previous blogs I have described how to create heatmaps or thematic maps. The thematic maps sample uses the UMN MapServer to create a Bing Mapstile layer on the fly and implements a callback-function that retrieves the details for the location you clicked on from a database. In this walk-through I will have a different approach and create a static Bing Maps tile layer using Safe FME. I will also enhance the detailed view for this location by using the Microsoft Chart Controls: [...]


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