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Advanced KML Region Concepts

Endnu en god artikel fra Eric Pimpler ...

Another great article from Eric Pimpler ...



Nesting Regions

Regions can be nested so that smaller, increasingly finer levels of detail are shown as the user zooms in on the display. Previously loaded coarse levels of detail are gradually replaced with these more detailed Regions.

elements in a child Region should be wholly contained within the  of its parent Region.

In the second half of this article we’ll show you how to use Arc2Earth to create Regions from your ArcGIS data.

Creating KML Regions from ArcGIS Data using Arc2Earth

Arc2Earth can be used to create Google Earth Regions through the Regions tab with the Publisher version of Arc2Earth. The General Options button displays the Region Options dialog which can be used to set the fade effects and level of detail (LOD) for the region. You must also select a region level which is basically a course grain level similar to the levels of map tiles used in Google Maps or MS Virtual Earth. Each level represents an approximate map scale. The Visualize button displays a map window with the grid showing the regions for your export along with your layer data.

The Visualize window is particularly helpful in allowing you to see the extent of the Regions that will be created along with your data. The red lines displayed in the viewer indicate how your data will be regionalized. You can also dynamically reset the region level through this window to see the effect this will have on the size of the Regions. Map navigations tools are also provided. [...]

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