onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Just Add Data - Embedded Thematic Maps from Plug & Play Maps: Part 1

Et godt bud på et stærkt tematiseringsværktøj til Google Maps ...

A serious thematic tool for Google Maps ...


by Chris Duncan

Plug & Play Maps is a free web service that lets you embed interactive thematic maps in your web pages with a single line of code that indicates the data you want to map and the way you want to display it. The service offers a number of automatic features and defaults that deliver highly informative, interactive, and intuitive maps to your web visitors with a minimum of effort and configuration on your part. This two part article will show you how to use the service to create a simple thematic map on your web page, and explores some of the many options for tailoring your map and data display. [...]

Sample Plug&Play Maps image

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