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The Development of Web Mapping Applications with Oracle Tools

Map Builder fra Oracle ... ukendt for mig, men sikkert velkendt i Oracle spatial kredse ...

Map Builder from Oracle ... uknown to me but probably well known in the Oracle Spatial community ...


[...] In order to deal with the visual aspects of its solution, Oracle offers its own MapViewer, which is a J2EE component running within an OC4J container; it is included for free with the Oracle iAS Applications Server. This map rendering engine takes advantage of Oracle Spatial or Locator capabilities, and allows the user to hide the complexity of spatial requests and map generation processes by taking charge of the management of the mapping interface.

MapViewer offers a management console, JAVA and XML APIs, as well as a host of JSP tags that make them easy to integrate into a full-fledged custom solution. Using one of these APIs, the user can also generate maps and make spatial queries from any location-enabled Oracle database. It is also possible to add non-spatial data through dynamic requests. As with most competitors' products, MapViewer generates images in most standard formats such as GIF, JPEG or PNG, as well as in the SVG format, which offers more dynamism.

For even more flexibility, Oracle also offers Oracle Maps, which introduces a very powerful AJAX Web mapping interface that allows access to MapViewer's visualization features. Included within MapViewer, Oracle Maps has a cache server of pre-generated map images, an interactive coverage server and an AJAX mapping client that facilitates navigation and interaction with maps. Oracle Maps also supports redlining and zoom layering, as well as various thematic mapping functions. It also allows integration to a WMS server through an open and flexible JavaScript API.

MapBuilder (distributed for free with MapViewer) is a client tool designed to create and customize spatial maps and to create attractive layouts for the end user. Its various capabilities don't make MapBuilder as complete a GIS as MapInfo Pro or ArcView, but they nevertheless provide the user with adequate tools for the creation of styles to be assembled into a basemap, making it the cornerstone of the whole application. Oracle Map Builder offers a WYSIWYG interface that allows editioning and visualization of themes, styles and basemaps, including importing and exporting their definitions for use in another database, for example.

Importing and exporting the map definitions is one of the significant advantages of using MapBuilder. All MapBuilder definitions and metadata are stored into the database, thus facilitating the sharing of maps and their various layers within an Oracle database, or between many Oracle databases. Remember, though, that the creation of high quality basemaps with MapBuilder requires a lot more time and manipulations than what you've seen with other engines such as MapInfo or ArcView, for example. [...]
Source: Direction Magazine

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