onsdag den 17. juni 2009

White Paper - ArcGIS Server and Virtualization

Hvad er licenspolitikken når man virtualiserer sin server? Hvor mange kerner har en virtuel maskine egentlig?

What is the license policy when it comes to virtual servers? How many cores do a virtual server have - real or virtual?


Virtualization is becoming a standard IT practice. It is becoming increasingly popular among ArcGIS® customers as well. Virtualization solutions are being broadly used in test, development, and production environments, providing tremendous benefits to ArcGIS Server
deployments. ESRI uses virtualization technologies for the development, quality assurance, and certification processes of ArcGIS Server. This document provides an overview of virtualization and addresses some of the most common questions regarding ArcGIS Server and virtualization. [...]
Source: ESRI News Feed

Read more: http://www.esri.com/library/whitepapers/pdfs/arcgis-server-virtualization.pdf

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