mandag den 22. juni 2009

The Upcoming Smashing Book

Har sendt en mail til dem om at jeg gerne vil anmelde bogen - nu får vi at se om de bider på ;-)

Smashing hoping to be reading it for real ...


Our biggest and most important project of the year, the Smashing Book, has come in swinging. Eleven extensive articles have been written, as decided by our readers. They are at various stages of completion. Creating a book ultimately requires more effort and dedication than online articles because, in the end, nothing can be changed, and readers have to pay for a physical product.

We have tried to keep errors to a minimum; several correction cycles were required: hard times for our proofreader Andrew Lobo. The writing was done (in alphabetical order) by Adelle Charles, Alessandro Cattaneo, Andrew Maier, Chris Spooner, Darius A. Monsef (Colourlovers), David Leggett, Dmitry Fadeyev, Jacob Gube, Jon Tangerine (partial editing), Rene Schmidt, Steven Snell, Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman.

The book will have 313 pages and 11 chapters, printed completely in color.

Also completed are almost a dozen color illustrations created by the Russian designers from the Soft Facade Icon Design Agency, one for each chapter, and the book cover by Brian Nelson that many of us have seen, also chosen by our readers. The back cover of the book will have a little surprise.

The book cover of the upcoming Smashing Book

The book cover, designed by Brian Nelson. Larger version.

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