mandag den 22. juni 2009

Sensors and sensitivity

En ting er at kunne tracke hvor folk er, hvor de har været og hvor de er på vej hen ... noget andet er at kunne tracke HVAD der foregår der hvor du er, hvor du var og hvor du er på vej hen ...

It is one thing to track where people are, where they have been and where they are going ... another thing is to know WHAT is happening where you are, where you have been and where you are going ...


Data collection: Mobile phones provide new ways to gather information, both manually and automatically, over wide areas


IF YOUR mobile phone could talk, it could reveal a great deal. Obviously it would know many of your innermost secrets, being privy to your calls and text messages, and possibly your e-mail and diary, too. It also knows where you have been, how you get to work, where you like to go for lunch, what time you got home, and where you like to go at the weekend. Now imagine being able to aggregate this sort of information from large numbers of phones. It would be possible to determine and analyse how people move around cities, how social groups interact, how quickly traffic is moving and even how diseases might spread. The world’s 4 billion mobile phones could be turned into sensors on a global data-collection network. [...]

Source: Vector1

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