tirsdag den 9. juni 2009

Microsoft Releases Bing API - With No Usage Quotas

Ingen øvre kvota grænse ...

No usage quotas ... upper or lower?


Michael Manoochehri

[...] Like the Bing service itself, the API is a re-branded and enhanced version of the Microsoft’s Live Search API. Just days before the official Bing launch, the API was updated with many of the features of the new Bing service. That earlier announcement for Live Search 2.0 has the highlights:

  • Developers can now request data in JSON and XML formats. The SOAP interface that the Live Search API required has also been retained.
  • Requested data can be narrowed to one of the following source types: web, news, images, phonebook, spell-checker, related queries, and Encarta instant answer.
  • It is now possible to send requests in OpenSearch-compliant RSS format for web, news, image and phonebook queries.
  • Client applications will be able to combine any number of different data source types into a single request with a single query string.

The Bing API is part of a larger set of web application development services called “Project Silk Road.” Microsoft’s Bing Developer Center describes how Bing fits into the Silk Road project: [...]

Read more: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2009/06/08/microsoft-releases-bing-api-with-no-usage-quotas/

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