mandag den 1. juni 2009

Mapstraction Updates

Lord of the maps ;-)

One API to rule them all,
One API to find them,
One API to bring them all
and in the map applications bind them.



The project originally started with just three providers: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft; and was developed by three developers: Tom Carden,Mikel Maron, and Steve Coast. At the time, it was succint and easy - using constructs such as switch statements in a single mapstraction.js file.

Over time, as more providers were added - this became quite unwieldy. 11 case statements in any method, various callback hooks necessary, and in general quite slow to load and run for the client.

Fortunately, some very bright JavaScript experts: Rob MoranDerek Fowler, and Adam DuVander, all congregated to help architect a complete new version that takes incorporates the current evolution of Mapstraction to provide a smaller file download and computation overhead. In addition, because each provider is now split out into an individual file such as, it makes it easier for developers to support single providers without having to worry about any other provider or their impact on other code. []

Source: High Earth Orbit

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