søndag den 14. juni 2009

Exploration Technology: Retooling for the digital data revolution

Tid til at stoppe op og gentænke GIS ... eller bare nyde hvad man kan med GIS ...

Time to make a stop and rethink GIS ... or just marvel over the wonders of it ...


Although information technology is not a center-stage strategy in exploration industries grappling with economic and market uncertainties, it remains a key driver for improving effectiveness and results - particularly when you consider the growing data requirements of modern day exploration.

Explorers continue to raise the bar for the software experience and capabilities they expect, from full 3D visualization to data processing power under the hood and advanced integration support for multidisciplinary datasets. Furthermore, many exploration organizations are setting stronger corporate standards for the software they use on their exploration projects, and how they use and manage their growing digital data resources. 

During lean times, data-related waste and inefficiency - whether it is resources spent looking for the right data, hours wasted converting incompatible data products, or money lost through faulty decision making - are an easy target for improving productivity and results. The fact that there are solutions for making many, if not all, of these data issues simply go away is reason enough to rethink your software choices and technology strategy.

Two important recent developments in exploration technology have been the delivery of stronger spatial data access and management capabilities through the Internet, and advanced workflow support within GIS, which has become a standard spatial platform for integrating and analyzing geospatial data with geology and other exploration datasets. 

Both are helping explorers to work faster and smarter; to easily share data and knowledge across teams, departments and regional boundaries; and to manage and make sense of larger amounts of digital data for exploration decision making. []

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