onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Integrating Geographic Knowledge with Human Action

Spatial intelligens ... det kræver intelligens at opspore det spatiale eller rummelige aspekt i de informationer som vi omgiver os med ... Idag sørger geo webben for at omsætte rå mængder af data til spatial visualisering og gør herved det rummelige endnu mere rumligt ...

Spatial intelligence ... it takes intelligence to extract the spatial capabilties from the information around us ... Today the geoweb helps us transform large quantities of data into spatial visualizations and hereby making spatial intelligence into common knowledge ...


At the Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose, California, ESRI president Jack Dangermond talked about Realizing Spatial Intelligence on the GeoWeb. The central point in his talk was that geographic knowledge created in GIS environments is increasingly being made available to new communities through data and Web services. This sharing of geographic knowledge is bringing spatially integrated thinking to a broader society, and leverages the billions of dollars invested by the GIS community in developing basemaps, thematic datasets, and other spatial assets. Watch the Video.

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