onsdag den 17. juni 2009

A Quick Test Drive of Google Table Fusion

Google SQL Server Spatial ??

Google SQL Server Spatial ??


by Sean Gorman

[...] Google Table allows users to upload up to 100mb .csv or .xls file and then allows filtering,merging and visualization of the data. Each of the basic options has lots of nice functionality. Filter allows you do some basic operators like > “greater than” < "less than" >= “greater than or equal to” < = "less than or equal to" against any single numerical attribute in the table. You can also merge two tables together either in total or by attribute. Lastly, Google Table provides a variety of data visualization options - map, intensity map (i.e. thematic map), line graph, bar chart, pie chart, scatter plot, motion (Gapminder's stuff), and timeline.

With that as a high level overview I’ll dig into geographic capabilities a bit, since we tend to like maps. On the plus side this is the first I’ve seen from Google directly linking structured data with maps. Google Charts has had thematic maps for a while, which is leveraged for the thematic mapping in Google Table. Also Google Table has some georeferencing capabilities that auto-recognizes geographic names and georeferences them on the fly. [...]

Source: Off The Map

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