onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Building Geo-Enabled Mashups in Minutes

Hvis Google er en Porsche så er Microsoft en Rolls Royce ...

If Google is a Porsche then Microsoft is a Rolls Royce ...


“It’s software that allows you to build apps,” noted Caulk. “Historically those have been geospatially focused, putting enterprise data on the map and then integrating all kinds of business systems with web data, SharePoint data and Excel files. Essentially any data source you can get your hands on we can integrate all on top of a map.”

As a “Microsoft shop,” IDV Solutions defaults to Bing (Virtual Earth), but Caulk said they can “put stuff on top of Google.” “With the newest version of our product, we’ve redone the front end in Silverlight which gives developers the ability to extend the front end and get into the code, and make things happen the way they want, plus there are some visual effects that we couldn’t do with Flash.”

Another enhancement in the new 4.0 release is extending the ability to create mashups for anybody. Within SharePoint, Visual Fusion has GUI tools called AppHub for “application hub” and Composer which was already part of the product and has been upgraded in this release. [...]

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