onsdag den 3. juni 2009

Using KML Regions to Display Large GIS Datasets in Google Earth

Jeg ville ønske at ArcGIS Server KML ville understøtte tags ...

I wish ArcGIS Server KML would include the tag ...


[...] KML Regions allow you to add very large datasets to Google Earth without sacrificing performance. This functionality allows for the loading and display of data only when it falls within the display and occupies a certain portion of the screen. Typically, Regions are used to supply distinct levels of detail for your data where fine details are presented only when zoomed in far enough on the display. In the KML object model, Regions can be contained within any Feature which means Placemarks, Network Links, Overlays, and Containers. Most commonly, a Region is used to affect the visibility of Placemarks or Ground Overlays. The  element defines this concept, and is composed of two important concepts including the bounding box and level of detail or LOD. [...]

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