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Part 1 - Whats Is A Geoprocessing Task And Why Should I Care?

Geoprocessering ... mere generelt informationsprocessering vil sikkert blive Google næste tiltag på Google Maps ... Put data ind i en ende og få et kort ud i den anden ende ... Kombiner det med rigtig geoprocessering så har du et meget kraftigt værktøj ved hånden ...

Geoprosessing ... or more abstract informationprocessing could be Googles next big thing om Google Maps ... Add data (any kind of data / information) and process it into a map ... Combine this with real geoprocessing and you'll have quite a powerfull tool at your hands ...


So, what is a geoprocessing task? In short, it is a set of server side tools called from a web based client. Users create a model using Model builder, and then publish that model to the web as a geoprocessing task. The output parameters of the model are then streamlined to your web application.

Lets take for example a recent Flex application that I wrote (Check it out here). The purpose of this application is to help citizens locate their property and then return information about the zoning on that property. It sounds easy enough, right? I'll bet you are thinking, why not just do an Identify, and return results from the zoning layer? Ah, if it were only that easy.

There can be many, multiple types of zoning found on a single parcel, so a simple identify by point will not work. We need to do a spatial analysis to get the property boundary that the map click point or address point resides in. Once we get the property boundary, we need to do a second spatial analysis to determine which zoning layers intersect that property boundary.

So, how can we use a geoprocessing task to help solve this problem? I started by simply going into ArcMap and writing down the steps that it takes to get the results I need. Then, I used model builder to string together these tasks into a single workflow. Finally, I published this model to ArcGIS Server so I could access it from the web. [...]

Source: ROK Technologies ESRI Developer Blog

Read more: http://www.roktech.net/devblog/index.cfm/2009/6/17/Part-1--Whats-Is-A-Geoprocessing-Task-And-Why-Should-I-Care

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