fredag den 12. juni 2009

Adding a 3rd party WMS map service using ArcGIS Javascript API

Brug af 'fremmed' WMS ...

Migth come in handy ...


Well, I've looked all over for how to add a WMS to a website using the ArcGIS JavaScript API. ESRI’s resources web site offered a clue by showing how to add a WMS service generated from a ArcGIS Server to a map, but it did not quite work with other WMS Services.

Since I didn’t have much luck there, or elsewhere on the web, I figured I would teach myself. Furthermore, I figured I would document it along the way so that someone else who tried this in the future might have better luck. Before you get started however, I highly recommend you at least glance at the OGC Web Map Services standards, I have even provided you with a link toVersion 1.1.1here which is the version of the WMS that I use in this example.

So, here it goes: [...]

And there you have it, a WMS layer added via ArcGIS JavaScript API. You can see my example here. I will leave it up for a bit. [...]

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