mandag den 22. juni 2009

Ross Racine

Det ville være så nemt at klippe klistre fra ortofotos, vride lidt i et tegneprogram og vupti ... Jeg gjorde det samme da jeg arbejdede på en forside til Geoforums jubilæumsudgave ... det endte dog en med en helt anden ide ...

I would have been so much easier just to clip from an aerial photo and twist it in photoshop ... I did the very same thing when designing a front cover for a Danish GIS magazine ... It did however end up with something complety different ;-)


Surprisingly, Ross Racine’s artwork is drawn freehand on a computer; “my works do not contain photographs or scanned material,” he says, but you’d be hard pressed to tell. “The subjects of my recent work may be interpreted as models for planned communities as much as aerial views of fictional suburbs, referencing the computer as a tool for urban planning as well as image capture. Investigating the relation between design and actual lived experience, the works subvert the apparent rationality of urban design, exposing conflicts that live beneath the surface. [...]
Source: The Map Room

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