mandag den 29. juni 2009

Cambridge Mobile Urban Sensing

Hvad med at udstyre alle offentlige transportmidler (busser og tog) med lignende måleinstrumenter?

What about equipping all public transports with similar devices?


CamMobSens is the Cambridge end of the MESSAGE project, a collaboration between Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Leeds University, Newcastle University and Southampton University. In Cambridge we mount sensors on pedestrians and cyclists to monitor pollution and send back the information to a website as soon as it is gathered.

carbon monoxide (CO)
nitrogen monoxide (NO)

Here's a short, speeded up movie (1.9MB, MOV format) of someone with a nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor walking around Cambridge. The data is transmitted from the sensors via Bluetooth to Nokia mobile phones, for which we write Python applications under Symbian, and then via GPRS to a PostgreSQL database. It can then be extracted in KML format and displayed in Google Earth (as in the pictures and movie above).

A transcript and podcast of a BBC radio programme that covered this work can be found here.

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