tirsdag den 30. juni 2009

ArcGIS Online public beta now available

FYI - 'pakke lagene' kommer ...

FYI - the layer packages are coming ...


The new ArcGIS Online site went public beta earlier today, and the latest post on the ArcGIS Online blog provides a great introduction to using and leveraging the site, including some specific examples using the soon-to-be released new version of ArcGIS Explorer.

Shown below is ArcGIS Explorer with a layer package that was published by ESRI and discovered and accessed from ArcGIS Online.

Note that shared resources you will find on ArcGIS Online, such as layer packages, layer files, add-ins, Explorer layers, and more will open in ArcGIS Explorer 900 only and are not intended to be used with ArcGIS Explorer 500.

Read more: http://blogs.esri.com/Info/blogs/arcgisexplorerblog/archive/2009/06/30/arcgis-online-public-beta-now-available.aspx

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