tirsdag den 24. februar 2009

The Amazing Race

Hvor vildt skørt ... jeg havde lige lavet forrige indlæg vedr. truede sprog i hele verden og kort tid efter popper denne artikel op i min reader ... Se at få de optagelser på et kort!

How weird ... I had just finished my previous post about endangered languages around the world when this article was sucked up in my reader ... What can I say? Get those recording on a map ...


The Linguists depicts a round-the-world race to make audio recordings of dying languages, giving us a glimpse of how technology can promote language diversity.

Courtesy: Ironbound Films, Inc.

Of the world's 7,000 languages, 40 percent are on their way to extinction, with the last fluent speaker of a language dying once every two weeks. The Linguists, airing on PBS on February 26 at 10 p.m ET, traces two insatiable researchers, K. David Harrison and Greg Anderson, on a journey to the ends of the Earth to meet the speakers of some very remote languages — Chulym in Siberia, Sora in eastern India, Kallawaya in Bolivia, and Chemehuevi in Arizona — and to document them with audio recordings. The Indiana Jones-like adventures of Harrison and Anderson, whether avoiding Maoist guerillas in India or trekking through the Andes, often dominate the film, yet The Linguists also brings to light the role of technology in preserving language diversity and the knowledge contained within them. [...]

Read more: http://www.seedmagazine.com/news/2009/02/the_amazing_race.php

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