fredag den 27. februar 2009

Online KML To Shapefile Converter




 Zonums Software  has released an online KML to shapefile converter:

Online KML to shapefile converter

Select the KML/KMZ file you want to convert, or paste the KML text into the box at the bottom. In this case, I’ve uploaded a KML file with 3 points, one path and one polygon, and the KML code appears in the text box: [...]

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  1. Hi all,

    We have a converter to convert Google Earth's KML file to Shape file(kml2shp). This converter can convert any type of KML to the Shape file format as per the standards. With this converter, you get the advantage of having your own shape file for any area of the world thus relieving your need to search or purchase the Shape file . This converter proves to be a User Friendly one as its GUI is so simple that you don't need to specify anything for conversion.

    You all get this for a very minimal one time cost. If you like to have your own converter for generating shape file, reach us at

    Best Regards
    fevisis dev team