torsdag den 19. februar 2009

ESRI Federal User Conference 2009 - Wednesday Highlights

Det ser ud til at ESRI lægger hårdt ud her i 2009 ... 

ESRI is starting strong in 2009 ...


Dave Smith
Other highlights and demos:
  • Time Layer Animation
  • Keyless License Manager capability
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth data as a subscription service
  • APIs: Demonstration of ArcGIS Server Flex API via Solar Boston map:
In general, there seemed to be a big focus on themes mirroring very topical and current issues, particularly stimulus and infrastructure investment - in the case of Solar Boston, energy - another demonstrated "smart routing" for alternative-fuel vehicles, based on availability of CNG fuel.

Relating to water issues, another demonstration featuring the Flex API was for the Chesapeake Bay Program:

This showed use of federated assets, such as USGS stream gauges, USEPA STORET water quality data, and so on, and provides many tools for assessment, management and best practices for improving water quality for the Chesapeake Bay. [...]

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