mandag den 16. februar 2009

ARMAP - Mapping the Arctic

Der stadig lidt sne og is tilbage ...

Still a bit of snow and ice left ...


ARMAP is a suite of online, interactive maps and services that support Arctic science.
  • Learn more about research projects recently funded in your region of interest or scientific discipline.
  • Explore available data or possible collaborations.
  • Use the online mapping tools to meet your own project's specific goals.
With 2D Maps and 3D Globes, users can navigate to areas of interest and explore or query information about field-based scientific research in the Arctic. Research sites are shown as points with links to details about project investigator, discipline, funding program, year, related websites, and other elements. ARMAP includes satellite imagery, other base maps, and map layers for places, roads, and natural features. Users can print or export maps for presentations, export selected data, select from a “map gallery” of predefined images, or link directly to a variety of database web services. With special emphasis on the International Polar Year (IPY), ARMAP strives to benefit scientists, science logistics experts, educators and the general public.

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