tirsdag den 17. februar 2009

Learning Ext JS


Product Description
By using a series of straightforward examples backed by screenshots, Learning Ext JS will help you create web applications that look good and perform beyond the expectations of your users. This book is written for Web Application Developers who are familiar with HTML but may have little to no experience with JavaScript application development. If you are starting to build a new web application, or are re-vamping an existing web application, then this book is for you. 

About the Author
Cutter is the Senior Web Developer for Dealerskins, a Nashville, Tennessee based hosting provider that develops websites for the Automobile Dealership market. Cutter began his web career when he began learning HTML 1 while in the US Army and stationed with the National Security Agency. Cutter got into application development as a Corporate Support Specialist for a regional ISP, just prior to becoming the IT Director of Seacrets, a large resort destination on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Cutter has extensive experience as a server- and client-side developer, with a popular blog dedicated to ColdFusion, Ext JS, and other web development technologies.

Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Ext-JS-Shea-Frederick/dp/1847195148

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