lørdag den 14. februar 2009

Google Earth for Everyone




This DVD was designed to teach all Google Earth users the fundmental tools and options for creating and viewing custom content on the globe. Start by learning the navigation, and work your way up to adding your own data to be viewed right within Google Earth. Made for beginners through advanced users, this DVD is guaranteed to teach you new and powerful techniques in Google Earth.

Inside you’ll find nearly 1 hour of instruction covering things like Navigation, Search, Placemarks, Adding Spreadsheet Data, and more. This DVD is perfect for Real Estate professionals scouting properties for clients, Government Officials visualizing geographic data, and 3D enthusiasts building out cities on top of Google Earth.

Course Details:
Chapter 1: Navigation
Chapter 2: Search, Places & Layer Tabs
Chapter 3: Adding Content
Chapter 4: Touring
Chapter 5: Print and Email
Chapter 6: Cool Extra Features

Read more: http://geochalkboard.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/new-google-earth-and-google-sketchup-e-learning-courses/

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