torsdag den 26. februar 2009


Jeg søgte efter GIS på Google og den spurgte om ikke jeg mente 'Gris' ...

I searched Google for the word GIS and it asked if I meant 'Gris' meaning pig i Danish ...


By Adena Schutzberg Directions Magazine 
How is GIS most often misrepresented? I mostly see global information system, though on occasion I see geographic imaging system or graphic imaging system. My guess is that these errors creep in because the interviewee/speaker either defines GIS only once, or not all, in the course of the discussion. That leaves the blogger or reporter to remember as best he or she can or to search the Web for "GIS."

The good news is that if you search the Web using Google, a query of "GIS" returns, as I write this, General Mills (GIS is its stock symbol), then and other ESRI sites, USGS, Wikipedia's entry for GIS and some GIS publications. The only other outlier is the Golf Industry Show, but I think that would be easily identified as irrelevant. Engaging Google to "define: GIS" (that's one of my favorite Google shortcuts; I use it all the time!), results in a page 95% full of quite acceptable definitions of geographic information system. [...]

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