fredag den 20. februar 2009

This Google Earth File Could Make you Sick

Muligheden for at optage flyveture rundt i Google Earth er genial ... Om et års tid er det en af de mest anvendte funktioner i GE ...

The new capability of recording fly bys in Google Earth is pure genious ... In one years time this feature will be one of the most used in GE ...


WARNING: If you are prone to motion sickness - especially air sickness - you might not want to watch the following Google Earth tour!

This wasn't the intention, but several people who have seen the tour have been a little queasy afterwards. The file is yet another demonstration of the capabilities of the new Record Tourfeature in Google Earth 5. One of the engineers at Google behind the development of the KML standard and the open source libkml is Michael Ashbridge. He took one of the first GPS tracks of a hang glider (or paraglider) which was converted to a KML file (back in 2005) and wrote an application to convert the track into a GE 5 tour which lets you follow the glider as it catches thermals to gain altitude near some mountains in Idaho. Before I say more, just go check out the tour  in Google Earth 5. Once it loads, double click "Linestring Tour". [...]

3D Glider Tour in Google Earth

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