tirsdag den 24. februar 2009

MAPublisher 8 - the MAP Web Author Tool

Der kommer flere og flere værktøjer til som kan binder enderne sammen således at kendte og meget anvendte produkter lettere smelter sammen til en større og bedre brugervenlig oplevelse. Hastigheden, letheden og fleksibiliteten øges til gavn for alle ...

More ande more tools appear that makes it possible to merge known and widely spread products leading to greater and better user experiences. The speed, ease, and flexibility increases for the benefit for all ...


This powerful new tool works seamlessly with existing Adobe Illustrator and MAPublisher tools to create interactive Flash maps directly from an Illustrator map document, containing GIS data, attribute information, symbols, graphic styles and images, and complete with layer control, pan and zoom controls, roll-overs and pop-ups. Upon export, MAP Web Author automatically creates all the files necessary for immediate placement on a Web server or other delivery medium. These maps can be embedded into existing web pages and shared online.  [...]

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