torsdag den 26. februar 2009

Introducing the ObamaMeter: A Dashboard for the Economy

Hvor lang er en Obama meter ?

How long is an Obama meter ?


For a while we’ve been posting maps and data about breaking news stories on the blog. Often times the amount of data needed to convey the geographic perspective of a news story is more than one map or blog post can sustain. A second issue is that some news stories are persistent for an extended period of time, and maps/data need to be updated through real time feeds or just the latest quarters results.

We saw the same problem with commercial customers we work with. One map or analysis did not get the job done. They needed a collection of maps providing status on a range of indicators critical to conducting business. We decided to fuse the two concepts together into a dashboard. In this case of the demo, answering the question, “if I was the president what economic indicators would I want to see to better manage the country“. You can check out our “Dashboard for the Economy” here.


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