fredag den 13. februar 2009

The Map Reader


Director Harold Brodie debuted his latest film "The Map Reader" at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on Saturday and Celebrity News Service got a chance to catch up with Brodie to discuss the film, along with the challenges and triumphs during the making.

Brodie wrote the first draft for the film about 12 years ago, using inspiration with his own fascination with maps as a child. Since writing the film, Brodie says the movie has faced lots and lots of rewrites.

"The Map Reader" tells the story of Michael, played by Jordan Selwyn, a sixteen-year-old who tries to escape his life in his small-town New Zealand life by immersing himself in a world of maps. His isolation is interrupted by the arrival of two young women in his life, Mary played by Bonnie Soper, who is twenty and blind from birth, and Alison played by Mikaila Hutchison, a peer of Michael's whose grace betrays other darker secrets. Meanwhile, Michael's single mother Amelia played by Rebecca Gibney, loves her son, but also pushes him away. [...]

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