onsdag den 18. februar 2009

TerraGo Technologies Announces New Browser-Based Solution for

Dynamisk fremstilling af GeoPDF'er lyder som en god og farbar vej frem ...

Dynamically created GeoPDFs sounds like the way to go ...


In a kiosk-like environment, users login to a secure geospatial portal that is powered by ArcGIS Server and select an area of interest (AOI). Based on the geo-located content available within that AOI, users can dynamically create a custom GeoPDF that contains hyperlinks to the selected content, such as maps, images, documents, drawings and photographs. The GeoPDF can be easily distributed to end users for mark up and collaboration to improve situational awareness and increase efficiency of field operations.

“Today’s location-aware culture is fueling demand for greater access to geospatial assets,” said Chris Watson, VP Marketing and Business Development for TerraGo Technologies. “We developed Composer for Server to help customers meet this demand by providing self-service access to virtually any geo-located information in a single, easy to use GeoPDF, extending the value of their ArcGIS Server investment beyond the GIS department.”

For more information about Composer for Server, visit www.terragotech.com.

Read more: http://www.terragotech.com/pdfs/Composer_for_Server_2-17.pdf

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