fredag den 13. februar 2009

Tour 3D models in the new Ocean layer

Det er en stor hjælp at blive guided frem til nålene i høstakken ...

It's great to be guided to the needles in the hay stack ...


For the exciting release of Google Earth 5.0, the Google SketchUp team built a series of 3D models to highlight the new Ocean layer. Google Earth 5.0 now allows you to navigate under the surface of the sea and explore the ocean floor to see shipwrecks, submarines, buoys, and much more. We've put together a placemark tour to help easily find the 3D models in the ocean. To access the tour, download the kml file from the Google Earth Gallery page. The tour will visit models such as the TitanicBatttleship BismarkAquarius underwater laboratory, as well as other submarines, shipwrecks, and dive destinations. Please make sure you have the latest version of Google Earth 5.0 and the 3D Buildings layer turned on.
You can also find these models in the Google Earth - Ocean Layer collection in the Google 3D Warehouse. The SketchUp team added over 80 3D models to the 3D Buildings layer including models of NOAA moored buoys taking wind, wave, meteorological, and oceanographic measurements around the coasts of the United States. 

3D Ocean Models Tour

This KML is a simple placemark tour of the models created by the SketchUp team in Boulder, Colorado for the launch of the new Ocean feature of Google Earth 5.0. The models are currently in the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth 5. They can also be viewed in the 3D Warehouse in the 'Google Earth - Ocean Layer' collection -

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