torsdag den 19. februar 2009

Microsoft Virtual Earth on Windows Azure

Der er ingen tvivl om at GIS'en flytter ud på skyerne - først er det de globale eksisterende GIS services, men lokale GIS services vil også stille og roligt fordampe op i stratosfæren ...

No doubt GIS is moving up into the clouds - first we will see the global GIS services, but then we will see local GIS services too evaporate into the stratosphere ...


Chris Pendleton

I reserved a part of my day to explore Windows Azure and how it can work with the Microsoft Virtual Earth Web Service. In my investigation I found out that what I was really interested in is The Azure Services Platform (to clarify any branding issues). In fact, “Windows® Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Azure Services Platform. Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage Web applications on the Internet through Microsoft® data centers.” I’m game. Let’s build some Virtual Earth applications using the Azure Services Platforms.

Why should you care? Oh, I don’t know. This maybe the easiest way to deploy an application I’ve EVER found. Microsoft handles all of the IT (scalability, throughput, bandwidth, security). You can publish directly from Visual Studio. It’s super easy to integrate geocoding, maps and routing into your applications (shameless Virtual Earth plug). [...]

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