onsdag den 18. februar 2009

CloudMade: Using OpenStreetMap to Chart the Future of Mapping

Tag lige også og kik på deres Style Editor: http://developers.cloudmade.com/projects/show/style-editor ...

Take a look at the Style Editor: http://developers.cloudmade.com/projects/show/style-editor ... /Sik


CloudMade, a geospatial services provider that utilizes the open source map data fromOpenStreetMap (OSM) (our OpenStreetMap API Profile), recently released a new CloudMade Platform that includes access to various mapping tools and APIs for geo developers including Geocoding and Geosearch,Location Management,Map TilesRouting, and Vector tiles (alpha). CloudMade says that the combination of the rapidly growing community sourced mapping data of OSM and their new APIs are the future of mapping.

The new API that provides access to map tiles displays OSM data in six different styles (including the “Midnight Commander” map style displayed below). [...]

CloudMade Style

Read more: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2009/02/17/cloudmade-using-openstreetmap-to-chart-the-future-of-mapping/

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