fredag den 27. februar 2009

Vector Magic - Raster to Vector - update

Ligner et uundværligt værktøj ... Man skal ikke undervurdere hvordan og hvilke map markers man vælger til sine kort ...

Looks like a nifty cool tool ... One must not underestimate the importance of map markers - make them look good ...


Vector Magic takes a raster image and recreates it in a vector format.

Basic mode pages: Load ImageWizard ModeImage Type SelectionTransparencyInput QualityColor ModePalette SelectionReview ResultExport Result, and Help

Advanced mode pages: Load ImageWizard ModeTransparencyPalette SelectionImage SegmentationEdit SegmentationPath SmoothingExport Result, and Help

The application has a wizard interface with each page focused on one step of the vectorization process. The screen shots show each of these steps.

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Windows, v1.11, 9.8 MB, February 26th 
Macintosh, v1.14, 28.1 MB, February 26th

Languages: EnglishDeutsch,
EspañolFrançais, and Italiano


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Same license for both PC and Mac.


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