torsdag den 12. februar 2009

Microsoft Photo Calibration Tool

Endnu et godt eksempel på hvorledes VE og PhotoSynth viden kombineret resulterer i kreative (og brugbare) integrationer af brugernes egne billeder ...

Another great example of what happens when the VE and PhotoSynth teams combine their skills. Users can now easily integrate their own images in the exact 3D VE world ...


As the user adds correspondences via left mouse click, the tool calibrates the photo in the background. The Preview Result button is automatically enabled after adding 3 or more correspondences. An example is shown below:
Smith correspondences
While in calibration mode it is still possible to navigate in VE3D using the arrow keys, and change the view by holding the shift and ctrl keys while dragging with the mouse. Normal mouse drag is disabled in this mode. [...]
Placed image
Placed test image

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