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A Maintenance Release for Google SketchUp 7

Nu kan du bygge dit eget 'rigtige' Atlantis ...

Now, you can build your own 'real' Atlantis ...


As you may recall, we launched Google SketchUp 7 last November. Today I'm happy to announce our first maintenance release for version 7 with fixes to many of the most commonly reported problems. The list of fixes in our release notes is pretty long, so I asked Tommy from our Support team what he thought would be good to highlight. Here's what he had to say: 

  • Place models underwater in Google Earth: Google Earth 5.0 launched earlier this month and added ocean floor terrain, which made it possible to place models under the water. But SketchUp didn't have a way to support that...until now. Those of you working on secret plans for underwater hideouts (laser sharks) can now place those models in Google Earth.
  • More accurate model placement in Google Earth: Models placed from SketchUp into Google Earth sometimes came in with rotational errors, making it difficult to properly position a model. Likewise, edges that weren't part of a face were being dropped, which made kites, bridge cables, and some windmills look a little odd. We've fixed both of these issues.
  • Authorizing Pro is easier: On Windows Vista®, SketchUp Pro folks had to run as an "Administrator" to authorize. You don't have to do that any more.

Read more: http://sketchupdate.blogspot.com/2009/02/maintenance-release-for-google-sketchup.html

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