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Overview: GeoDjango




Written by Dane Springmeyer   

GeoDjango is a set of extensions to Django, the popular open source web content framework, allowing for easy portrayal of geospatial data inside your web portal.

A Geographic Web Framework

Django in the web stack

GeoDjango grants spatial faculties to Django, a high level open source web framework written in Python. Django was developed out of necessity in the fast paced online-newspaper world where short turn-around times and precise web content are top priorities. Creating HTML content dynamically with a server-side scripting language is not a novel idea but the Django creators needed to be able to create new content types rapidly, and with high standards. “For Perfectionists with Deadlines” is the crafty Django slogan that sums up this powerful flavor of web development. The goal of GeoDjango is to make the development of GIS web applications as quick, flexible, and elegant as possible and has been dubbed the tool of choice for “(Neo) Geographers with Deadlines”. [...]

For some examples of what you can do with GeoDjango, check out these sites:


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