onsdag den 18. februar 2009

The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives

Teknologien danner basis for vores opfattelse af verden og mobil information og informationer på mobilen er en af vor tids varmeste omdrejningspunkter. Det er mobilen og det man kan med denne som vil definere hverdagen for os alle om blot nogle få årtier ... I fremtiden vil vi slet ikke kunne forstå hvordan vi kunne leve uden mobil information ... Informationer som er mobile ...

The technology is the platform from which we see the world and mobile information and informations on your mobile is one of the hottest 'points of interest' these days. The mobile and the things you can do with it will define the way we see the world today and in the decades to come ... In the future we won't be able to understand how it was possible live without mobile information ... Informations that moves ...



The cellphone is the world’s most ubiquitous computer. The four billion cellphones in use around the globe carry personal information, provide access to the Web and are being used more and more to navigate the real world. And as cellphones change how we live, computer scientists say, they are also changing how we think about information. [...]

But it will generate a gold mine of new information about where millions of people travel each day, and there is no doubt that Google and others are planning to dig in that mine. “Everyone is watching Google, and this will open a floodgate of location-oriented applications and services,” said Greg Skibiski, the chief executive of Sense Networks, a New York City firm that mines the millions of digital trails left by cellphone users for marketing purposes. [...]

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