mandag den 16. februar 2009

ArcToSQL2008 - An ArcCatalog Command to export FeatureClasses to MS SQL SERVER 2008

Et værktøj man godt kunne få brug for ...

Might be worth a try ...


Posted by viswaug


Some highlights of the tool:

  • Exports FeatureClasses in a Projected Co-ordinate System as SQLGeometry in SQL 2008.
  • Exports FeatureClasses in a Geographic Co-ordinate System as SQLGeography in SQL 2008.
  • Any errors that occur during the export are logged in a log file found under in the install directory.
  • The tool is built using a broader GIS framework that should enable developers to customize the export process to their liking. I still have a little bit of house cleaning on the code for the broader GIS framework. I will post when it is all done. Hopefully that will be real soon. Contact me if you want to look at it sooner…

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